What “other” benefits may I receive while I am receiving workers compensation benefits?

1.) Social Security Disability Insurance Benefits. These benefits may be payable if your injury has made, or can be expected to make you totally disabled for at least one year. As a general rule, if you have been totally disabled as a result of your on the job injury for 6-9 months, you should consult with your attorney at Steenberg Law Firm about Social Security Disability Insurance Benefits.

2.) Unemployment Insurance. But only if you are partially disabled and ready, willing and able to work within your restrictions. If you are eligible to collect both workers’ compensation and unemployment insurance benefits, the total amount cannot expect 100% of your unemployment average weekly wage. You must tell the unemployment insurance division that you receive workers’ compensation benefits.

3.) No-Fault Benefits. If your on the job injury involved the use or operation of a motor vehicle, you may be entitled to no-fault benefits in addition to workers’ compensation benefits. In such a situation, it is important that you promptly file a no-fault application after you injury.

4.) Disability Pensions. If you belong to a retirement plan, you may be entitled to a disability pension.

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