How can I avoid workers’ compensation “Fraud” charges ?

1.) Do not fill out questionnaires sent by the insurance company. The questionnaires can be (and often are) used as a basis of a fraud charge. There is no legal requirement that you fill out questionnaires received from the workers’ compensation insurance company.

2.) While receiving or requesting workers’ compensation benefits do not engage in any work or work-like activity unless you are on the payroll and report all earnings to the insurance company and your lawyer. Helping a friend or volunteering can and likely will be considered work.

3.) Notify your lawyer when you start working immediately.

4.) When asked to raise your right hand at a hearing to answer questions, always tell the truth and be forthcoming. If the insurance company mentions performing surveillance — this is the time to ask your lawyer to go outside the hearing room and tell him/her what you have been doing. After you testify, it may be too late.

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