How long can I receive my bi-weekly Workers’ Comp checks?

If your workers’ comp case results in a “scheduled loss of use” (SLU) award, payments generally end when you receive the SLU award. The SLU award applies mostly to injuries to extremities, such as: arms. legs, hands, feet, fingers, toes and also hearing and vision loss. This SLU award is normally paid in a “one lump sum” check.

However, if you are classified as having a permanent partial disability (PPD), payments can continue indefinitely if you were injured at work before 3/13/2007, as long as you are not working, or are working but making less money than before your injury. For injuries after 3/13/2007 — the length of time you receive benefits after you reach permanency will likely be capped. Once the Judge makes a finding on permanency, the remaining years left to receive your weekly monetary payments can range from 4.8 years to 10.1 years. The Judge will determine what your “Loss of Wage Earning Capacity” (LWEC) is which equates to a certain amount of weeks/years you can receive weekly payments until your monetary benefits are capped or come to an end. As you can see, the issue of permanency is crucial, if you have questions call our attorneys at (716) 558-2000. To learn more about how your “LWEC” is determined, visit our workers’ compensation page.

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